At the Generations of Aviation hangar you can meet three distinct figures which represent an era and emotion of a period in aviation history. We welcomed these mannequin men into our hangar as representatives for showing the style, feel and attire for each airplane and era that they represent. While we do not have proper names for our mannequin friends, they too are a part theĀ Generations in Aviation Family.

The Lockheed airplane brings to mind a luxurious art deco era. Our mannequin might represent a dashing business man boarding a corporate airplane off to do business in another part of the country. The most common hat of this period was the fedora, often worn tipped down over one eye at a rakish angle. The high waisted plaid pants are held up by suspenders and a matching vest is draped over his shoulder. Our mannequin is wearing vintage spectacles, carrying a Genunie Renwick Steerhide Briefcase and all of his belongings are packed in authentic Amelia Earhart Luggage.