At the Generations of Aviation hangar you can meet three distinct figures which represent an era and emotion of a period in aviation history. We welcomed these mannequin men into our hangar as representatives for showing the style, feel and attire for each airplane and era that they represent. While we do not have proper names for our mannequin friends, they too are a part theĀ Generations in Aviation Family.

This mannequin is wearing the exact summer issue pilot war uniform worn by General Gerald Montgomery as he flew the P51 Mustang Sizzlin Liz in WWII. The wool pants are typical of the Eagle Squadron uniform and on the authentic combat boots there is a Russian Stamp where these boots had been repaired in a prison. The leather gloves, heavy shirt, life vest, leather helmet with enclosed headset, goggles, Colt 45 gun, rank insignia and ACME Whistle are all original collected items from WWII. The air-charts inserted in the mannequin pilot's boot are maps of the English Channel which is the region where Sizzlin Liz saw action during the war. And finally, the socks and scarf exemplify the typical personal effects a WWII pilot might wear sewn by a family member as a momento to keep them safe during the war.