The 1956 Buick Special 2 door hard top is a pristine Roush "resto-rod", conceived by Jack Roush and David Marco to memorialize Caroline Marco, mother of David, Charon, and Michael Marco. While Seymour Marco (father) never owned a new car, he enjoyed his wife, Caroline, driving a new vehicle. The Buick was one of many cars she for many years while living on the farm in Starke, Florida. One night she even used the Buick to transport a sick pony when the truck broke down!

The '56 Buick (also David's birth year) restoration involved over 10,000 hours of labor and over 2 years at the Roush facilities in Livonia, Michigan. The highly modified frame utilizes Winston Cup Technology and hardware with a big block 502 Engine. The body is void of all knobs and protrusions, but the overall style remains true and loyal to its lineage. The interior, while kept within the design of the "period" is greatly streamlined.