Mark Thompson was born in Jacksonville, Florida, to a Marine Corps family and traveled throughout the United States. Being exposed to numerous military aircraft at a young age, he was always interested in aviation. After graduation from Sandalwood High School, Mark joined the United States Air Force. After his enlistment and subsequent return to Jacksonville, Mark began his aviation vocation at Naval Air Station Jacksonville Flying Club.
He obtained his private pilot license in 1985 and, over the next several years, flew and trained in numerous aircraft. In 1988, Mark started his air traffic control career with the FAA. While assigned to Craig Tower, Mark concurrently attained his ATP license and C-500 type rating. Eventually transferred to Jacksonville Approach Control, Mark continued to fly for several local corporations.
Mark has experience in the following aircraft: C-425, C-441, MU-30, BE-400A, LR-31A, LR-45, FA-20, all Citation Series CE-500, C-560, Citation X & CJ with total time of 6000 hours with 5000 turbine. After retiring from the FAA, Mark joined Marco Ophthalmic as Director of Flight Operations. In his role as Captain of the Citation 525, he is responsible for overseeing all maintenance and safety protocol. As Director of Operations for Generations in Aviation, Mark is responsible for the general welfare and oversight of the facility.